The Big Dirty – Sensual Lover

The Big Dirty

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On 5 July 2020
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Big and dirty sums up this song.

The Big Dirty, another band in the ever-growing saga “why have I not heard of these before?”. Formed three years ago in Northampton, their latest single ‘The Big Dirty’, is the third taken from upcoming studio album The Sex, due for release on July 17th 2020.

Sensual Lover‘ has a lead vocal dripping with soul and a country tinged vibe beefed up by some hefty power chords that kick in after lascivious choruses of “I’m your sensual lover, I will see you again, they can tie me to the bed, they can leave me there for dead, I will hold you in the end”.

A brief, sultry moment of calm comes from a bluesy guitar solo midway that bodes well for the quality of the album.

The Big Dirty band line up :-

Jonny Rocket – Wailer.

C Diddy – Axe.

JC – Hammer fingers.

T Dawg – Drummer boy.

The Big Dirty info:

Big and dirty sums up this song.

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