The Big Dirty – The Sex

The Big Dirty

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On 19 July 2020
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The most near the knuckle album of 2020!

With a band name like that and a debut album title to, don’t expect to use too many brain cells for The Sex, from Northampton based knobbers The Big Dirty!

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They’ve certainly put a spurt on in the studio to knock up these eleven leering songs that contain more double entendres than Finbarr Saunders from Viz mag.

No holds (or holes probably) are barred throughout as the spoken word ‘(Intro) Foreplay’ will need you having a cold shower. The PC brigade will have a field (or feeled) day for ‘Hold My Beer’. It’s a hairy headbanger of barroom boogie grooves, “Oooh matron” lyrics, topped off by a guitar solo that will have your air guitar thrust skywards!

‘Dirty Rider’ is all sultry, heavy blues with the heartfelt lyrics of ” You’re just a love machine, I want to ride you. It’s always been my dream, to get inside you”. Eat your heart out Barbara Cartland!

Musically, ‘Whiskey Pistol’ hits harder than a pub car park brawl in the dynamics, backed with smooth talking couplets that include “Gonna make you moan so loud, like a wolf howling at the moon”.

‘Love With The Lights Off’ has lyrics that could fill a 1000 swear boxes, more lascivious than any written by David Coverversion. It’s a riff heavy bludgeon to drive home the point even more.

With a title of ‘Take It Slow’, this song is not about a driving lesson! Audioslave like bouncy grooves vie for the attention of the choruses “I want to take it slow, I want to feel it deep inside, I want to feel it all, I want to see the pleasure in your eyes”.

An almost (surprisingly) angelic vocal of “I want to hold you, I want to touch you, I want to fuck you” floats around this short, sharp, sultry pillow biter called ‘All Night Long.’

They heavy things up with ‘Devil Woman’, a white knuckle ride of rhythms. An amusing refrain is “She’s a devil woman between the sheets, she’s a crazy lady, I don’t want one for weeks. She’s a twisted sister, she makes me feel weak”. An almost death metal slam midway and guitar solo overload muscle things up even more.

‘Rhythm Of My Drum’ is a five minute bluster of a mighty drum pound of course, seismic bass guitar lines, a guitar tone that could stop a charging rhino in its tracks and shout em out loud and proud choruses.

‘Hush’ is a rollicking bollocking riot of snappy snares, brick heavy riffing and lyrical puns that you won’t find in any M+S xmas crackers.

They save their heaviest track till last with ‘Lightweight Champion’. It’s far from lightweight, more like cruiserweight as it extols the virtues of drinking till you drop.

Album track listing :-

The Big Dirty – The Sex

‘Intro (foreplay)’.

Hold My Beer.

Dirty Rider.

Whiskey Pistol.

Love With The Lights Off.

Take It Slow.

All Night Long.

Devil Woman.

Rhythm Of My Drum.


Lightweight Champion.

The Big Dirty band line up :-

Jonny Rocket – Wailer.

C Diddy – Axe.

JC – Hammer fingers.

T Dawg – Drummer boy.

The most near the knuckle album of 2020!

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