Broken Links deliver another thumping single

BROKEN LINKS have now dropped their stunning new third album, Conflict::States. The record is blessed withimmersing guitars, emotional vocals and electronic soundscapes. The UK threesome now surge ahead with the release of their eerily captivating new video, Cold War .

By harassing from a variety of areas ranging from the Manic Street Preachers, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails to The Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack, BROKEN LINKS have painstakingly formed a distinctive sound that is overflowing with passion and intrigue. The band have constantly pushed boundaries, endeavoring with considerably success to produce new pathways and possibilities for their ever-evolving sound.

BROKEN LINKS have already built a notable and loyal fanbase following the self-release of three EPs and two albums, and by playing shows with the likes of British Sea Power, The Boxer Rebellion, InMe, My Vitriol, and The Chameleons in the UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Italy. BROKEN LINKS have now unleashed their mesmerising new album, Conflict::States. The record is an angry statement aimed at the present plight of the world. From top to bottom, the album is a thrilling combination of goth-electro, post-punk, and pop-rock that takes the listener on a formidable aural experience.

Track listing: 1. The Day Called X, 2. Replicas, 3. Pioneers, 4. Antibiolotics, 5. Cold War, 6. Eras, 7. Monolith, 8. Fatalism, 9. T.T.O., 10. Zealots, 11. Year XI, 12. Disconnect.

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