The Best Of Illdisposed, 2004 – 2011

The band are scheduled to release their new album proper somewhere around September time on Massacre Records but if you can’t possibly wait until then , you can indulge yourself in this digital only ‘Best Of’ release.
The guys have an extensive back catalogue to choose from as well , as the aforementioned new album will be their 12th offering in a career spanning some 20 plus years, and believe me they have chosen well.
Tracks such as ‘Still Sane’ for example showcase perfectly the bands ability to mix the Death Metal sound and vibe with the use of contemporary synth to great effect, whilst ’To Those Who Walk Behind Me’ contains the mother of all riffs reminding me of Kataklysm in parts.
A total of 12 tracks including a live version of ’ Throw Your Bolts’ and an Industrial tinged remix of ‘When You Scream’ make this a must if your already a fan of the band but perhaps more so if you haven’t crossed paths with them before, certainly whetting the appetite for the proposed new material later in the year.

Rating 8/10.

1. Your Own Best Companion.
2. Heaven Forbid.
3. Rape.
4. I Believe In Me.
5. Dark.
6. Still Sane.
7. For The Record.
8. To Those Who Walk Behind Me.
9. Case Of The Late Pig.
10. Throw Your Bolts.
11. When You Scream.
12. Throw Your Bolts (live).

Available now via itunes, amazon, etc.

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