The Terraces – Union (Single)

Hailing from England and the working class suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, The Terraces are a no-nonsense punk rock act fronted by one of the legends of the punk era itself.  “Union” is the first single from their forthcoming debut album and is a wonderfully anthemic track that showcases a knack for killer hooks and infectious lyrics that is sure to follow throughout the album itself.

From the off with the single, I can’t help but be drawn to comparisons with Green Day’s American Idiot album.  The single has an almost commercial feel to it that I think is in part down to the foot stomping rhythm but more so down to Buckley’s vocal performance, lyrics and pacing throughout.  I’m finding myself playing the track over and over again, not just from a need to review perspective but also from the fact that it’s just a downright damn fine tune to listen to.

The guitar work is great, there’s a really rich tone shining through and as the song heads into the second half you get some terrific Thin Lizzy/Allman Brothers styled harmonies that build through to a powerful and defiant conclusion to the song.

I can see this track going down a storm live and being an instant sing-a-long hit to boot and while I’m no regular listener of punk in any shape or form, this track floats my boat big style.  Off the back of this single I can’t wait to hear the album in full.

Rating – 5/5

The album, to be released under Blast Records, will be preceded by the release of this single  set to hit stores on April 16th 2012. The second single, “The Internationals”, is set for release later in the year to run alongside the band’s debut UK and European Tour.

Check out the accompanying video on YouTube here

The Terraces Are:
Gary Buckley – Vocals
Dean Tsolondres – Bass
Brenton Perry – Guitar
Henry Hollingsworth – Drums

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