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Apostate Viaticum – Before the Gates of Gomorrah

Another chapter in the history of Irish Death metal has been opened up in the shape of Apostate Viaticum, which features amongst its ranks ex-members of veteran Irish band Morphosis. Formed in 2014 they have kept a low profile until unleashing this slab of confrontational death metal. It is refreshing …

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Virgin Steele – ‘Invictus’

Virgin Steele - Invictus Artwork

This lavish re-issue of VS’s 1998 opus is very much – as it was originally – a companion piece to the also re-packaged ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell I+II (reviewed here:  http://planetmosh.com/virgin-steele-the-marriage-of-heaven-and-hell-iii/) – and indeed serves as the third instalment of what eventually would become a quartet of themed …

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Slutvomit- Swarming Darkness (Invictus)

What a great name and instantly summons up images of filth, depravity and altogether general unpleasantness. Hailing from Seattle this band have the corpse paint the classic 3 piece line-up, studs, spikes and a general air of not caring what you do or think. From the opening bars of ”Swarming …

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Necronomicon, ‘Invictus’ cd Review.

The 7th and long awaited album is finally in our midst. To call Necronomicon ‘legends’ is a huge understatement. These guys have been flying the flag for German Thrash since the mid 80’s, hell, they ARE German Thrash. This album excels all it’s predecessors by a country mile, a finer …

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