ZOM – Multiversal Holocaust 7” (Iron Bonehead Productions/Invictus)

ZOM hail from Izom - cover hi-resreland and with it brings a grimy form of black/death metal with lashings of early euro thrash. This 3 piece are channelling the evil dealings of early Sodom, Slayer and Possessed all cloaked by a layer of black metal reverb – perhaps a touch too much, as at times the guitars are getting buried by the vocals and drums. The title track goes from fast thrashing riffs to slower heavy parts which gives some respite in the relentless assault. “Terror of the Cosmos” begins with a long eerie intro before the feedback creeps in and the buzzing guitars come in with the crashing drums and the vocals spewing over the top, later on in the track the speed drops and the guitars drive into a more recognizable rhythm akin to the likes of Venom and early Slayer. Throughout both tracks there are blasts and parts where toes are dipped into crust and D-beat. This will not be for everyone, it is primitive sounding and requires a few listens before you can truly get to grips with the great guitar lines and sheer harshness of this 3 piece. A full length will be interesting and should keep all the lovers of the old dark arts content.


1. Multiversal Holocaust
2. Terror of the Cosmos

Line Up

Chthon – Sub Sonik Destruktion//Kommands
Sodomaniac – Axe of Khaos//Kommands
Sabbac – Astral Battery

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