Monster Truck – Furiosity

Monster Truck Furiosity
Monster Truck Furiosity

Since forming in Ontario in 2009 they have been carving themselves a reputation that is as equally massive as their name along with their back to basics approach. Typifying the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, this is rock n’ roll at its simple, bluesy best. You could be lead to believe this album is a hidden gem from the 70’s yet this is more than just a nostalgia trip. The JUNO nominated four piece, consisting of Jon Harvey (bass, lead vocals) Jeremy Widerman (guitar, vocals), Brandon Bliss (organ, vocals) and Steve Kiely (drums, vocals) somehow sound modern while channelling the most joyous elements of a decade long since gone.

Their penchant for uncomplicated, full-throttle rock n’ roll is plain for all to see. Whether they’re pummelling your ears with an all out rocker like Old Train, finding their soulful side on My Love Is True, or shuffling like Bo Diddley on Call It A Spade, they never sound like anything but the Monster Truck that has been winning fans the world over thanks to support slots for the likes of Slash and Deep Purple.

For The Sun, the band’s longest song to date at over 7 minutes, has been a masterpiece long in the making. Part of the band’s live set for over a year now, they have been perfecting it on the road and the patience and hard work was well worth it. What we have as a result is a slow, grooving track that takes you on a journey through silky lead lines, ringing, atmospheric organs and arguably Jon Harvey’s best vocal performance to date. Throughout the record Widerman’s roaring guitar tone interacts with Brandon Bliss’ sharp, shrieking Hammond superbly, providing the centrepiece to their outstanding signature sound.

The production is smooth and crisp with Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Cancer Bats) capturing the bands unbridled energy magnificently. The band’s most accomplished and diverse release to date, Monster Truck are maturing fast. This is one fine record which will only help them on their inevitable rise to the top.

”Furiosity” was released May 27th via Dine Alone Records.

Track Listing:
1.  Old Train
2.  The Lion
3.  Power of the People
4.  SweetMountainRiver
5.  Psychics
6.  Oh Lord
7.  For The Sun
8.  Boogie
9. Undercover Love
10. The Giant
11. Call It The Spade
12. My Love Is True

Monster Truck are:
Jon Harvey (bass, lead vocals)
Jeremy Widerman (guitar, vocals)
Brandon Bliss (organ, vocals)
Steve Kiely (drums, vocals)

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