Apostate Viaticum – Before the Gates of Gomorrah

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Apostate Viaticum

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On 15 July 2017
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Gripping, confrontational death metal from Ireland, real grit in a sea of spit and polish.

Another chapter in the history of Irish Death metal has been opened up in the shape of Apostate Viaticum, which features amongst its ranks ex-members of veteran Irish band Morphosis. Formed in 2014 they have kept a low profile until unleashing this slab of confrontational death metal. It is refreshing in this day and age for a band to appear almost from nowhere with product that is complete and not update everytime a string is plucked.

The album opens with the huge tension inducing intro “In Articulo Mortis” which sets up the for the twisting and turning journey of “Anathema Inherent” beginning with a crushing blow of blasts and a grinding riff before lashing through the world of doom/death and thrash. The striking feature of this album is the honesty in the production, it all feels and sounds very real in a world where a lot of new death metal feels too polished and mechanical.

There is a lot to take in on this release; there is the relentless barrage of the riffs with the subtleties of intertwining complimenting harmonies going on in the background which are not readily apparent on first listen. The lead playing is frenetic and unorthodox at times, not unlike the chaos of Trey Azagthoth.

It is an overall package of death metal but combines slow doom dirge like riffs along with the speed, it is varied which will go a long way to separating them from their peers. Vocally it is in the Jeff Walker Necroticism period, whilst brutal has a touch of clarity as well.

With the general direction of travel for death metal tending to be towards the aforementioned polished style this release comes through loud and clear; is memorable and one to return to time and time again. This will certainly please fans of the classic death metal bands.


  1. In Articulo Mortis
  2. Anathema Inherent
  3. Moloch the Sanguinary
  4. In the Shadow of the Monolith
  5. Bastards of Cain
  6. Before the Gates of Gomorrah
  7. Beckoned by the Callous Dead

Band Members

David “George” Thomas – Bass, Vocals
Andy Inight – Drums
Muiris Ó Fiannachta – Guitars, Vocals
Vinnie O’Brien – Guitars

Apostate Viaticum

Gripping, confrontational death metal from Ireland, real grit in a sea of spit and polish.

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