Galderia – Return Of The Cosmic Men

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On 16 July 2017
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One of the most melodic albums you will ever own!






French Power Metal exponents Galderia return with ‘Return Of The Cosmic Men’, quite possibly one of the most catchy and melodic albums you will hear all year


Formed in Marseille in 2006 they already have a debut album called ‘The Universality’ from 2012 under their belts which came out to a wave of positive feedback but this album is just on a completely different level.


From the moment the over the top and majestic intro of ’Shining Unity’ kicks through your speakers, you just know you’re in for one heck of a ride, an overload of galloping riffs and melodic hooks, backed by choir harmonies and a feel good factor that is just off the scale. ’Blue Aura’ follows with an insanely catchy 80’s/90’s metal riff that defies any self respecting metalhead to sit still whilst listening to it, two tracks in and you’re breathless!


Superbly crafted songs abound as you move through this album, ’Living Forevermore’ for example has one of those chorus lines that will embed itself in your psyche and have you singing it for weeks on end. The band consciously try to keep the album vibe as upbeat and positive as possible throughout, and boy do they succeed, even if you find yourself in the darkest of moods, songs like ’High Up In The Air’ will have you jumping off the sofa and swinging from the chandelier in no time. There are a few quieter moments as well, the beautiful piano and string intro to ‘Wake Up The World’ just builds and builds into one of the finest rock ballads you will ever hear but on the whole, this albums primary purpose is to get you up on your feet and blow the cobwebs away, and without doubt it is mission accomplished


‘Return Of The Cosmic Men’ is a complete triumph, an album that is ram packed with some of the most melodic and uplifting metal you will ever hear. If you’re a fan of Helloween, Brother Firetribe, etc etc you will absolutely lap this one up


Recommended track – ‘High Up In The Air’

‘Return Of The Cosmic Men’ is released through Massacre Records on July the 21st


Track Listing ;

01. Shining Unity
02. Blue Aura
03. Living Forevermore
04. High Up In The Air
05. Celestial Harmony
06. Wake Up The World
07. Legions Of Light
08. Return Of The Cosmic Men
09. Pilgrim Of Love
10. Wake Up The World 2.0


Galderia line up ;

Sebastien Chabot – Lead Vocals / Guitars
Thomas Schmitt – Lead Guitars / Lead
Vocals & Backing Vocals
Bob Saliba – Bass Guitar / Lead &
Backing Vocals
Julien Digne – Keyboard / Backing Vocals
J.C Chicco – Drums




One of the most melodic albums you will ever own!

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