Necronomicon, ‘Invictus’ cd Review.

The 7th and long awaited album is finally in our midst. To call Necronomicon ‘legends’ is a huge understatement. These guys have been flying the flag for German Thrash since the mid 80’s, hell, they ARE German Thrash.
This album excels all it’s predecessors by a country mile, a finer collection of balls out, fist pumping, head shaking Metal you will not find anywhere. Featuring guest appearances by non other than Randy Black (ex Annihilator) and Ben Krahl ( Final Kings) this album goes full tilt in bringing you to your knees. Tracks such as ’Unconquered’ and ’Thoughts Running Free’ are absolute gems, faultless in every way.
Why this band isn’t globally huge is a mystery but this offering should shake the ’cult band’ label once and for all.
Make sure you try and get the limited edition Digipak version though as it includes 4 exclusive live tracks as well.

Rating 9/10.

Necronomicon are;

Freddy – Guitar and Vocals.
Andi Gern – Guitar.
Andi Nagel – Bass.
Klaus Enderlin – Drums.

Track Listing;
1. Invictus.
2. Unleashed.
3. Bloody Bastards.
4. Thoughts Running Free.
5. Unconquered.
6. Upon Black Wings.
7. Face To The Wall.
8. Pandora’s Box.
9. Before The Curtain Falls.
10. Possessed By Evil (2011)
11. Magic Forest (Live) Bonus Track.
12. Nightstalker (Live) Bonus Track.
13. Hills Of Death (Live) Bonus Track.
14. On Pain Of Death (Live) Bonus Track.

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