Voices Of Destiny, ‘Power Dive’ cd Review.

This is the follow up to 2011’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘From The Ashes’, and the band have obviously come a long way in the short time since, ‘Power Dive’ has a much tighter more accomplished feel than it’s predecessor . Female vocalist Maike Holzmann sounds supreme, able to deliver soft, almost folk tinged emotion as well as full blown operatic grandeur, ’Being Worth’ a prime example.
Fellow member and keyboard player Lukas Palme adds a malevolent growl vocal which works well, not too dissimilar to Leaves Eyes in places. Tracks such as ’Red Winter’s Snow’ showcase the band at it’s best, soaring vocals, orchestral backing, solo piano, thunderous guitar riffs and solos, impressive indeed.
This album is sure to thrust the band further into the limelight, and rightly so.
For fans of Leaves Eyes, Elis, Mandrake and all good Female Fronted Symphonic Metal.

Rating 8.5/10.

Voices Of Destiny are;
Maike Holzmann – Vocals.
Chris Gutjahr – Guitars.
Lukas Palme – Keyboards/Vocals.
Jens Hartwig – Bass.
Erik Seitz – Drums.

Track Listing.
2.Power Dive.
3.My Separation
4.Dreams Awake.
7.Being Worth.
9.Your Hands.
10.Red Winter’s Snow.
12.Smoke And Mirrors (Bonus Track).

Out now via www.massacre-records.com

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