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On 15 October 2018
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Buy this innovative album and connect with Disconnect!

Primal Instinct, debut album by London based Superfecta showed promise in 2014 and is a great stepping stone towards 2018 release Disconnect, currently available on CD from Skyfire Interactive/Skyfire Records and on MP3 from Amazon UK.

A change in line up seems to have tightened up their songwriting, point proven by opener ‘Leviathan’ that sees them having a whale of a time blasting out a Sabbath like stomp with its metal testing the mettle of my headphones. Gripping howls from Roberto Negrini precede an eerie midsection as riffs from Danun Todd creep back in to crush the song to a close. You would have to be a dummy not to get caught up in intense riffing and vocal heroics during ‘Mannequin’ as it heavies up to a doom laden piece with wah-wah solos. Alice In Chains influences come to the fore in ‘Insomnia’ mainly from an ethereal vocal delivery and the riffs that back it up are nothing short of rib rattling blows.

The pace drops slightly for ‘Nothing Remains’ but it still slays with sumptuous melodies and powerhouse drumming from Matthew Vella. Godzilla stomp grooves dominate ‘The Abyss’ as wiry guitar lines lurk in the background. ‘Break The Frame’ is a moody six minute epic as sparse chords and drums back a drawled vocal. ‘Blacked Out’ is a short, sharp foot to the floor slice of alt rock with prominent bass lines from Carl Highman. The riff heavy lengthy intro to ‘A Little Secret’ leads to big “Woah oh oh’s” in the verses that veers off into early Faith No More craziness. Everything is thrown into the melting pot for album closer ‘Two Thirds’ as surging rhythms vie for top spot with Roberto’s passionate vocal that ebbs and flows from angelic howls to full on roars, a fitting climax to a smorgasbord of music in Disconnect!

Superfecta - DisconnectDisconnect album track listing :-




Nothing Remains.

The Abyss.

Break The Frame.

Blacked Out.

A Little Secret.

Two Thirds.


Superfecta band line up :-

Roberto Negrini – Vocals.

Danun Todd – Guitars.

Matthew Vela – Drums.

Carl Highman – Bass guitar.


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Buy this innovative album and connect with Disconnect!

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