Deicide – Overtures of Blasphemy


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On 15 October 2018
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Another pummeling from Death Metal Masters Deicide.

Deicide have been with us almost 30 years with 50% of the original band still intact which is quite a feat in this day and age. This is the 12th studio album and first with new guitarist Mark English ex-Monstrosity. It is surprising to find that “In the Minds of Evil” is already 5 years ago. Deicide again have delivered a quality death metal album which has all expected elements firmly in place.

There are the purists who will not give over about the Hoffman brothers being missing, listen to this record and you can hear all the nuances of what makes up the Deicide sound. Benton and Asheim have carried the ship for 15 years with only 2 further changes in recording personnel and have maintained their public profile.

As expected the vocals are totally over the top which sit comfortably upon the complexity of the music. “Defying the Sacred” is a small departure from business as usual with a beautifully melodic intro before the armoury is brought in. The drumming is stellar on this record from the speed to the astounding dexterity around the kit, the changes in pace keeps things interesting and gives breathing space with blasts used sparingly to massive effect.

The delivery of the material on here is phenomenal and if there are tracks that showcase Deicide 2018 “Crucified Soul of Salvation” and “Compliments of Christ” would be the ones to go to.

Jack Owen was a loss of a big name but has not affected quality at all. Over the 12 tracks Deicide put on a display of blistering musicianship and integrity. There is no compromise here at all, perfect production and everyone given their place. Glen Benton is one of the metal’s most controversial figures and he and Asheim will always silence the critics when they produce music like this.


One with Satan
Crawled from the Shadows
Seal the Tomb Below
Compliments of Christ
All that is Evil
Anointed in Blood
Crucified Soul of Salvation
Defying the Sacred
Consumed by Hatred
Flesh, Power, Dominion
Destined to Blasphemy

Band Members

Glen Benton – Bass/Vocals
Steve Asheim – Drums
Kevin Quirion – Guitars
Mark English – Guitars

Another pummeling from Death Metal Masters Deicide.

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