Shades Of Deep Water – Death’s Threshold

Shades Of Deep Water

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On 11 July 2019
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A giant offering of Funeral Doom that just screams quality



Shades Of Deep Water return to the dark side with their second full length album titled ‘Death’s Threshold’ , due for release on the 25th of July via dunkelheit

Well, I say an album, to be fair this mighty slab of cold Funeral Doom is more to be described as a single monolith of drudgery, conveniently segmented into four digestable movements. Each passage capable of pushing the listener over the fine line between light and dark, every segment is designed to make you question all that is around and beyond. Let’s face it, if you’re from Finland as one man pilot of this project, J.H. is, then you are able to call on a rich cultural heritage that revolves around nature and the darker aspects of existence

Unusually perhaps, each track is merely numbered rather than bearing a specific title. A concept I rather like as it allows you to define and explore each unfolding musical landscape as if it were a journey through the seasons. Whilst in composition and construction , the tracks may not seem to differ greatly in style or tempo, they do offer a great depth of quality which is evident throughout. The vocal excursions are kept to a bare minimum on the record, and even when rearing above the menacing distortion, they are designed to accompany rather than lead. Otherwise the musical stance is governed by crushing dark distorted riffs, strings and tremor inducing bass lines, offered at an almost static pace, painting a pretty dismal canvas

Funeral Doom is and always will be my favourite port in a storm, therefore, perhaps I am slightly biased towards this album even before the first listen. However, even to the uninitiated, this release has so much to offer and is well worth diving into. An album that will burn long into the night

Track Listing;

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Line Up;

J.H. – All instruments and vocal passages



A giant offering of Funeral Doom that just screams quality

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