Noctu – Gelidae Mortis Imago


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On 7 March 2020
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An amazing one man project of Atmospheric Doom that ticks all the right boxes

Noctu bring the darkest of Blackened Doom offerings to the altar, with this incredible album ‘Gelidae Mortis Imago’

One man projects such as this always fascinate me, giving a view of the composers mindset and thought process. A process that can sometimes become lost and cluttered in a band scenario, where you have multiple thoughts and ideas floating around. Noctu comes at this album with a clear and focused vision, and with all guns blazing. From the dripping water echoing through the Catacombs that feed the intro, quickly descending into the depths of despair and loss, you the listener are carried along on a journey through so many horror filled musical landscapes that you had better bring your passport. The majestic tones of ‘Lucida Oscurita Senziente’ are amazing beyond belief, an almost static funeral pace, dominating over tortured vocals that just takes your breath away. Add guest lead guitar from Justin Hartwig (Mournful Congregation), and this quickly becomes 18 plus minutes of pure genius. One of those rare pieces of music that you can just close your eyes and drift away to. Follow that with album closer ‘Isolato Da Un Mondo Senza Speranza’, which clocks in at an incredible 31 minutes long and you will have become totally immersed in the whole ambience and bleak atmosphere

The whole album flows beautifully, held together by some of the best Atmospheric Doom riffs you will hear in a long time, and when considering that Noctu plays every instrument on the record, it becomes apparent as to how talented a musician he is

Noctu delivers Atmospheric Doom in a way that is utterly addictive, ramping up the Blackened elements where needed to create a visionary piece of work. This album will crush you as well as lift you but most of all, will remain with you for a very long time

I love the fact that people that buy a physical copy of the album from Transcending Obscurity Records, will be treated to a floral fragranced cover to replicate the smell of graveside flowers, you don’t get that from your local florist

Recommended Track
Fitte Tenebre (Le Radici Dell’ Inferno)

Track Listing
1. Suicidio Al Chiaro Di Luna
2. Fitte Tenebre (Le Radici Dell’ Inferno)
3. Oltre I Cancelli Del Cimitero
4. Lucida Oscurita Senziente
5. Sangue Sulla Mia Lapide
6. Isolato Da Un Mondo Senza Speranza

Released through Transcending Obscurity on the 8th of May


An amazing one man project of Atmospheric Doom that ticks all the right boxes

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