RAUM KINGDOM’S Self-Titled Debut EP Available Now

Raum Kingdom
Raum Kingdom

Initially released on digital format in mid-April, the self-titled debut EP of Irish post-metal outfit RAUM KINGDOM is now available on CD via their official Bandcamp page and on Tape via Aonair Productions.


Recorded at Dead Dog Studio in Drogheda, Ireland and mixed and mastered by Jonny Kerr, this debut EP sees the quartet meshing the expansiveness of post-rock, the gloominess, end-of-the world intensity of doom and the intricacies of post-metal, resulting in nearly 30 minutes of heavy, emotional and intriguing music.


Listen to the full release here.



“…this is a stunning debut album from a band that I hope will be releasing many more releases like this in the years to come. As they have huge potential waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world.” SLUDGELORD

“…these Irish boys certainly deliver on the promise created by their rune covered, blackened album cover.” HEAVY BLOG IS HEAVY

“Forget Isis. Forget Pelican. Raum Kingdom is the evolution you’re looking for. Equal parts Neurosis and Tool (Especially on “This Sullen Hope”), Raum Kingdom incite the kind of slow burn riot fans of that genre (and beyond) have been hoping for.” ROCK AND ROLL FABLES

“This is earthy, dark and moody – with enough metal to shovel away any hope you might keep alive in your weak mind.” METAL AS RELIGION




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