SAVAGE MESSIAH To Auction Schecter V-1 Custom Diamond Series Guitar

Savage Messiah
Savage Messiah

SAVAGE MESSIAH are auctioning off Joff Bailey’s Schecter V-1 custom Diamond series guitar, with all proceeds will go to the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy (Registered Charity no. 280960) as part of a pledge campaign started by Dave Silver (Singer and guitarist from the band) for doing a charity bike ride entitled ‘Heavy Metal Truants’. Dave rode 161 miles from Alexandra Palace in London, to Donington Park to join everyone at the Download Festival.


Having entered the race at a very late stage, Dave has been granted additional time to collect donations now. As such, they have offered Joff’s actual Schecter V-1 custom Diamond series SIGNED by the band. You can see the guitar being used in the official video for “All Seeing I” below, taken from their Earache debut, “Plague Of Conscience”.


Savage Messiah “All Seeing I”



The guitar itself is in matt black, with 10 beautiful dark Mother of Pearl cross inlays embedded in the neck.  This particular model is now discontinued and you can only purchase one second hand. It is in fully working order, and currently has a fresh new set of 10-46 gauge Ernie Ball Slink guitar strings fitted. There’s just under 4 days remaining until the end of this auction, so you haven’t got long if you want to win this awesome guitar!

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Even if you can’t bid, you can still make a difference by making a donation of any size at:



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