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On 2 February 2019
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Massive have their third winner here in Rebuild Destroy. Everything’s coming up Roses!

Massive have just released their third album Rebuild Destroy via Off Yer Rocka Recordings. According to their story here Massive were  “Assembled from parts lying around Melbourne in 2012” this description made me think of some freakish Frankenstein’s Monster of a band, but good things can be made from a few random pieces of metal brought together. However, what you build can be destroyed, so the title of their third album fits in with that theme nicely.

Generation Riot gets the album off to a riotous start as guitars duel with drums and charge headlong at each other. The duelers horse even gets a look in. I’m convinced I heard that horse whinnying! Neigh lad! Either Red Rum had arisen from the grave or the guitars were a bit hoarse! Listen closely about 23 seconds in and see what you think. Long Time Coming? At two tracks in, we didn’t have to wait long for this one with it’s Faster Pussycat meets Guns N’ Roses vibe. A Cathouse in Paradise City springs to mind.

What You Gonna Do started off very Helter Skelter by The Beatles before hurtling down that twisting slide picking up a bit of Dukes of Bordello‘s Scream (If You Wanna Go Faster!!), along the way, to make an absolute belter of a track with a bit of playground style banter about the lyrics. ‘Everything you say I can say it better!‘ (So there!)

Bullet a mellower number with a strong bass beat was like an Aerosmith/Queen merger. Fat Bottomed Girls or in this case (Rag) Dolls! The tempo picks up again for the next song Roses and I wasn’t thinking Red Roses I was thinking more of Deep Purple (Roses) during this one. Face In The Crowd is a gentle ballad. Over and Out cranks the album back up with a driving rhythm making you want to tap your feet or stamp down on that accelerator and Drive It Like You Stole It and this time it’s the Colour of Noise I had in mind, not roses! As we drove into Pieces I thought of Hitchin’ a Ride Green Day style.

In The Wrecking Crew we find the lyrics which give the album it’s title ‘We built it to destroy it’ and interestingly (or not) I got a sniff of fellow Aussie Wrecking Crew stalwarts Tequila Mockingbyrds‘ I Smell Rock N Roll. I was lucky enough to see both bands together at The Eagle in Salford see here.

The penultimate track Getting Heavy sounds as though it starts off in a bar, as you can hear chatter and the clinking of glasses. Sound effects which won’t be difficult to replicate at most rock gigs, although make that pub rock gigs, the clinking of plastic doesn’t have the same sound! A song which starts off mellow before ‘Getting Heavy’. We then reach our destination, the end of the album as we walk A Mile In My Shoes a song with an essence of Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead Or Alive.

Like the aforementioned Red Rum, the race horse, who won the Grand National three times. Massive have their own third winner here in Rebuild Destroy. Everything’s coming up Roses!

Track Listing

  1. Generation Riot
  2. Long Time Coming
  3. What You Gonna Do
  4. Bullet
  5. Roses
  6. Face In The Crowd
  7. Over And Out
  8. Pieces
  9. The Wrecking Crew
  10. Getting Heavy
  11. A Mile In My Shoes

Band Members:

Brad Marr – Vocals/Guitar
Ben Laguda – Guitar
Andrew Greentree – Drums
Brenton Kewish – Bass


Band Website:

Label Website:




Massive have their third winner here in Rebuild Destroy. Everything’s coming up Roses!

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