Brad Marr – Fundraising raffle – donates guitar during Stonedead Festival performance to help raise money for Kayla

The music industry has combined their efforts to help raise money for Kayla, a little girl with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. The funds are to get Kayla to New York for a potentially life-saving medical treatment. 

The journey started with Brad Marr, frontman of The Australian band Massive, who met the family on the band’s recent UK tour. The band collected funds during their headline shows and it all climaxed at Stonedead festival where Marr brought the family on stage mid-set to gift his beloved White Gibson SG off his back in order to raise more funds.

Enter Stonedead Festival who not only managed to get every single artist at Stonedead to sign the guitar, but they then created a raffle for the guitar and added some unique, money can’t buy items including the stage banner from the 2022 festival.

UK heavyweight rock acts Massive Wagons and Those Damn Crows then stepped up to the plate. Baz Mills of Massive Wagons donated the suit he wore at Stonedead 2021 while Those Damn Crows donated the signed Drum Skin and setlist from Stonedead 2022.

The raffle is live now from Stonedead Festivals website. 100% of the tickets sold goes directly to Kayla’s fund.

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Or if you would like to donate to Kayla’s fund directly, click the link

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