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On 18 January 2019
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An epic trilogy of Sludge/Doom that defines and refines the genre




German Sludge/Doom trio, Eremit announce themselves proper with ‘Carrier Of Weight’

An initial glance of the track listing shows a mere three songs, so more of an E.P. than an album you might be forgiven in thinking. How wrong could we be, these three mighty slabs of suffocating drudgery weigh in at a hefty combined running time of over 68 minutes, much longer than many a 10 track album in my collection.

Considering this is a debut album, Eremit have been exceptionally clever in producing a piece of work that both defines and refines the boundaries of the sub genre. Yes we still have the momentous distorted sludge riffs that you might expect, but the band manage to embellish and cocoon the sound with so much more. A drum sound heavy with the crashing of cymbals offers a raw quality and vintage vibe, whilst the tortured heartfelt vocal tears through your emotions. The occasional ambient and transcendental passages serve to create images of astral landscapes before plunging the listener back into the brutal reality of life and death on the ocean wave

Despite the lengthy running times of each of the tracks, the band insert so many twists and turns within each one, that at no point does anything become monotonous or repetitive, moreover, each track is practically a mini album in its own right, creating an epic trilogy

In ‘Carrier Of Weight’, Eremit have hit the ground running, offering an incredibly intense and diverse album that will influence others for ages to come

Recommended Track – Froth Is Beckoning



Track Listing

Dry Land

Froth Is Beckoning

Cocoon Of Soul


Eremit Line Up;

Moritz Fabian – Guitar and Vocals
Pascal Sommer – Guitar
Marco Baecker – Drums

The album sees its release through Transcending Obscurity Records on the 25th of February



http://Transcending Obscurity Site

http://Eremit Facebook




An epic trilogy of Sludge/Doom that defines and refines the genre

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