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On 1 July 2019
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One of the finest albums the genre has produced in recent years

Spain’s masters of the riff, Hex, return with a rib crushing offering in the form of new album ‘God Has No Name’ released through Transcending Obscurity records

The Death/Doom scene has been ever expanding for a number of years now, and no one has been flying the flag higher or shouting the cause more than these guys. This album not only creates a new level for themselves and others to aspire to, it gives the whole genre an injection, and a good old kick up the backside. Gently luring you in with the opener ’Thy Kingdom Gone’, the album wastes precious little time in unleashing itself on the listener, with the jaw dropping brutality of ’Soulsculptor’ which just leaves you stunned. Jonathan’s vocal delivery is just so powerful on this track, and indeed the whole album, that you can not help but be impressed. ’Daevangelism – The Dark Sunset’ is an incredible master class of a song, with more riffage than is healthy for human consumption, whilst ’Where Gods Shall Not Reign’ brings in the delicate lament of a female vocal to temper and balance proceedings, which works an absolute treat. ’Apocryphal’ soon drags you back into the abyss mind, crushing guitar work that just vibrates through you before ’All Those Lies That Dwells…’ brings the album to a close in a crescendo of Doom laden passages that left me breathless

What impressed me most about ’God Has No Name’ was the feeling of fluidity as each track seamlessly melted into the next. The album is bolted together with some seriously tough and unforgiving guitar work backed by a percussion master class that just exudes power and finesse , making the whole affair a serious and worthy contender for Death/Doom album of the year

Transcending Obscurity continue to champion some of the best underground noise on the planet, and in Hex they have a true standard bearer

Recommended Track – Apocryphal

Track Listing ;
1. Thy Kingdom Gone
2. Soulsculptor
3. Worshipping Falsehood
4. Daevangelism – The Dark Sunset
5. Where Gods Shall Not Reign
6. Apocryphal
7. All Those Lies That Dwells…

Line up –
Adolfo WB – Guitars
Jon – Guitars
Asier – Drums
Jonathan – Vocals
Endika – Bass

The album is released via Transcending Obscurity on July the 5th




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One of the finest albums the genre has produced in recent years

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