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Chalice Of Suffering

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On 1 February 2019
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An album destined to make this band stand out from the rest





Atmospheric Doom Metal is incoming from the United States in the form of Chalice Of Suffering with their impressive second album ‘Lost Eternally’

If I had to summarise this album in one short word, then that word would be ‘diverse’. A conclusion I came to right from track one ‘In The Mist Of Once Was’, not just because of the great variance in the vocal delivery but also with the injection of bagpipes (yes you read that right), an instrument I can’t recall having been used to any great extent in Atmospheric Doom projects previously but it works so damn well. Apart from the Celtic slant the pipes add to this track, it’s the visual imagery they helped to weave. Followed by the funereal paced lament of ‘Emancipation Of Pain’, the album is now well and truly bedded into the psyche, the guest vocal of Danny Woe (Woebegone Obscured) adding a tangible extra layer to the track

The Atmospheric Doom sub genre is fast becoming dangerously popular these days, and therefore the need to bring something fresh and different to the table in terms of composition and delivery has never been more apparent. Chalice Of Suffering have obviously taken this hint, as the album sounds quite unlike anything else I can recall within the genre in recent times. Listening to ’Forever Winter’, the listener is plunged to the depths and beyond against a crushing background of sorrow and dismal misery. The oppressive tones of ’Lost Eternally’ plod mercilessly forward, the tortured vocal providing the only relief, whilst the incredibly powerful strains of ’The Hurt’ effortlessly summon the dark pain of loss through the speakers

If ever Doom had a seasonal preference, then surely the current season of Winter would be top of the list, and as such this album perfectly captures the cold desolate feelings that rear their head at this time of year. The band have been really clever in constructing an album that not only channels the Atmospheric Doom vibe but with the addition of guest musicians and the use of the less conventional musical instruments in places, have been able to lift this record to lofty heights. As a second album, ‘Lost Eternally’ succeeds in showing how Chalice Of Suffering are fast developing into a true force to be reckoned with

Recommended Track – Forever Winter

Track List;
1. In the Mist of Once Was
2. Emancipation of Pain
3. Forever Winter
4. Lost Eternally
5. The Hurt
6. Miss Me, But Let Me Go
7. Whispers of Madness

Line Up;
John McGovern – Vocals
Will Maravelas – Guitars/Keyboards
Aaron Lanik – Drums
Nikoley Velev – Guitars/Keys/Drums (on The Hurt, Lost Eternally, Emancipation of Pain)
Neal Pruett – Bass
Kevin Murphy – Bagpipes (on In the Mist of Once Was)

‘Lost Eternally’ is released through Transcending Obscurity Records on the 19th of April

http://Chalice of Suffering Facebook

http://Transcending Obscurity Site



An album destined to make this band stand out from the rest

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