ENVINYA – Inner Silence

Envinya deliver a stunning debut album, a band with huge potential.envinya_innersilence_cover



Formed in Bavaria in 2006 and with one previous E.P. under their belts, this album represents Elvinyas full length debut album.
Now, obviously, the band are going to come under the vast and all encompassing umbrella that is the genre of Female Fronted Metal, which these days can mean just about anything due to the wide variety of genres and styles that now fall into this bracket.
Envinya deliver a heady mix of catchy melodic, symphonic Metal wonderfully put together on this album, all led by the enchanting vocals of Natalie Pereira dos Santos, who’s voice, whilst not in the Operatic vein certainly packs a punch but with more of a commercial and pop slant to it then many bands of a similar ilk.
I was also impressed with the musicianship on display here, excellent Power Metal riffs a plenty backed with some very atmospheric keyboard work and solid percussion, leading to a release that certainly ticks all the right boxes.
Opening track ’Faceless’ really sets things off well with its soaring keyboard intro before rushing headlong into a bullet paced riff guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away, the sound reminding me of Amaranthe in places. ’Forlorn’, whilst slightly slower paced is an excellent window through which to look at the bands sound, having a real dark and menacing edge to it, balanced by a notably catchy chorus and a mix of mainly clean vocal with the occasional growl thrown in here and there for good measure.

The album as a whole runs for a shade under 50 minutes which flies by when listening to it, a sure sign that you’re onto something good I always say. ’In My Hands’ is another note worthy track, a wonderful melodic fast paced number that is sure to have you dancing the night away. However my album favourite is without doubt ’Mirror Soul’, a sumptuous, dark, moody, spine tingling song that just oozes quality from start to finish.
As debuts go, this is pretty damn close to being faultless, superbly performed and having a top notch production sound, making for one of the best things to have emerged from the scene for quite some time. If you’re a fan of bands such as Amaranthe and the music of Afterforever and others, then this is one definitely to check out.

Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;

1. Faceless.
2. Forlorn.
3. Inner Silence.
4. In My Hands.
5. Swallow.
6. Satin And Silk.
7. Mirror Soul.
8. Too Late.
9. Beyond The Dark.
10. Demoralized.

Envinya line up for this album;Envinya_1

Natalie Pereira dos Santos – Vocals.
Thomas Knauer – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals.
Moni Strobl – Keyboards.
Lorenz Henger – Bass Guitar.
Enrico Jung – Drums.
Markus Herz – Lead Guitar.

Out now via http://www.massacre-records.de






[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On8Fyrb9CWQ&w=420&h=315]

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