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On 24 June 2016
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Storming Metal album, a welcome return for one of Germany's finest





















A lot has been going on in the Elmsfire camp since their 2010 offering ‘Thieves Of The Sun’, wholesale line up changes can often signal the end of many a band but in Elmsfire’s case it seems more like a band reinvented, with new found enthusiasm and focus



New album ‘Hour Of The Wolf’ feels very much like a debut album in many ways, an undeniable sense of purpose filters through as I listen to each track. Very much in the Metal genre, the band have succeeded in weaving a great deal of differing elements into the songs, lifting them above the average to great effect. The use of strings for example on the excellent ‘Dead Ringer’ is really well thought out, and indeed on the Judas Priest esque ‘Dance With The Dead’, making it my album favourite (at the moment anyway). The use of Symphonic passages on many of the tracks is a great addition, helping to incorporate a great deal of imagery to the overall feel of the album. However, slice the album open and you see a definite Metal heart beating, solid and powerful riffs a plenty, a thunderous drum and bass powerhouse which drives everything along to perfection, top that all off with an excellent vocal performance by Lukas, and there really isn’t a bad word to be said about anything on show here



Germany is blessed with one of the strongest Metal scenes in the world, and so making your band stick out from the crowd can not be the easiest of challenges to complete, however, Elmsfire are giving it a real good go. Nine tracks of really well structured, hard hitting Metal, entwined with a more than healthy dose of melody and Symphonic elements.



To sum things up, if you like your Metal hard and heavy but with a great deal of thought behind it, then this is an album well worth checking out



Recommended track – Dance With The Dead


Track Listing;

  1. Eye To Eye
  2. Dead Night Misery
  3. Rapophis
  4. The Wheel
  5. Dead Ringer
  6. Dance With The Dead
  7. Five Rules
  8. How Mountains Are Born
  9. Ashes

Elmsfire are

Doro – Guitar

Paul – Drums

Marcel – Bass

Germano – Guitar

Lukas – Vocals

‘Hour Of The Wolf’ is available via RecordJet and via the bands website and social media pages





Storming Metal album, a welcome return for one of Germany's finest

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