Vintage Trouble – Forum, London- 22nd June 2016

First up tonight were the opening act, Slydigs. Vintage Trouble singer Ty Taylor came on stage to introduce them, then on they came.  Straight away you got the idea that they’re big fans of The Who and The Rolling Stones from the way they dress, and that impression was confirmed once they started to play.  It’s good rock and roll music with a 60s or 79s feel to it, and with singer Dean Fairhurst having a very strong voice they sound great.  They’re good performers too, and I enjoyed their set.  Clearly they get on well with the guys from Vintage Trouble since Ty Taylor came on stage to introduce them and when they played the Jimi Hendrix song “Hey Joe”, Vintage Trouble guitarist Nalle Colt came on to play it with them.

Slydigs setlist:

Easy solution
The bitter end
Truth will be found
Till the morning comes
Electric love
Hey Joe
Catch a fading light
Stiff upper lip
The love that keeps on giving

Next up though was Vintage Trouble. Ty Taylor is a superb frontman and right from the start he’s putting in a great energetic performance. While the rest of the band play (and judging by their big smiles, have fun), Ty is constantly on the move from one side of the stage to the other, spinning round, dancing, jumping and engaging with the crowd.  It doesn’t take long before he’s fed up staying on stage and jumps down into the pit before standing on top of the barrier to sing with an audience member supporting him.  Later in the set he jumps over the barrier and goes into the middle of the crowd, getting them all to join him crouched down on the floor before leaping up and then heading back on stage for a while.  Later still he goes back into the crowd but this time climbs up and looks down onto the crowd from by the sound desk before diving onto the crowd and crowd surfing back to the front.  It really is a superb performance from him, and the whole time he’s doing it he never misses a note as he sings.

The rest of the band may be more static but the guitarist and bassist do move around on the stage and put in great performances as does the drummer.

Vintage Trouble blend Soul, rock and roll, and rhythm and blues to create a fantastic blend of those sounds – it’s got the energy of rock and roll, the passion of Soul and the  fun party feel of rhythm and blues.  It’s absolutely great stuff and if you haven’t listened to vintage trouble then you really ought to check them out.

Vintage Trouble setlist:

Run Like the River
Nobody Told Me
Can’t Stop Rolling (new)
Strike Your Light
Another Man’s Words
Trouble Makers Medley: Soul Serenity / Angel City, California / Jezzebella / Gracefully / Total Strangers
Doin’ What You Were Doin’
Blues Hand Me Down
Turn The Sky Blue (new)
Not Alright by Me
Pelvis Pusher
Nancy Lee

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