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Ivory Tower

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On 3 September 2019
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Flawless Classic Metal, superb from start to finish



Ivory Tower return to the fore with their fifth offering titled ‘Stronger’, and boy does it pack a hefty punch


Fancy a riff fest?, then climb the stairs of this ivory tower to the very summit of what melodic hard hitting Metal has to offer. Powering in at an impressive 76 minute running time, this album certainly offers value for money but what is length without strength, well this beauty feels as if it’s been in the local gym every night for a year. From the opening bars of ’The Offer’, my attention was well and truly grabbed as wave after wave of devastatingly catchy and infectious riffs and melodies flooded from the speakers, a real classic Metal vibe rearing its head from time to time as the amazing vocals of Dirk Meyer offer a huge range and depth to each track. The rhythm section is just immense, such power, bringing a darker edge to things despite the catchy melodies. Listening to songs like ’In Me’ for example, you get a good indication of how well composed and performed this record actually is, whilst the band rarely divert from the classic Metal blueprint, they sure cram as much elements from each end of the scale as is humanly possible. Indeed, the opening section of ’Slave’ has an almost symphonic feel in an early Nightwish kind of way, which took me a little by surprise but on the whole ’Stronger’ has one aim and one aim only, to rock you to the core


In an age of sometimes over complication in the music world, how refreshing and uplifting to come across an album that succeeds in relighting that fire within, and reminding me how much this wonderful genre of music called Metal means to me. Twelve tracks that will have you punching the air with delight, superbly written, produced and performed by a band that deserve all the praise that this release brings


Recommended Track – Slave

Track Listing ;

1. The Offer
2. Loser
3. End Transmission
4. Money
5. In Me
6. Slave
7. Strong
8. Flight Of The Dragon
9. Life Will Fade
10. Passing
11. The Wolves You’ve Let In
12. One Day

Line Up ;

Dirk Meyer – Vocals
Björn Bombach – Bass
Frank Fasold – Keys
Thorsten Thrunke – Drums
Sven Böge – Guitars

Stronger is out now via Massacre Records





Flawless Classic Metal, superb from start to finish

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