Dissension – Of Time And Chronic Disease

dissension - of time and chronic disease - album cover

Canada’s Dissension have released a ten-song, fifty-minute concept album, Of Time And Chronic Disease.

Combining elements of symphonic black, gritty death, burly power, and raging thrash metal, it offers sonic shocks to a diverse palette.

Fans of second-wave symphonic metal (contemporaries to Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, et al) ought to really enjoy this uncommonly melodic album.

The keyboard effects tend to distract; the remainder of the instrumentation and arrangement is solid. Six years in creation, professionally produced, and with three tunes reworked from a 2011 debut, this album should be perfect.

With some focus, this band shows bright promise.


Track Listing:
Thralls To The Crucified
Graceless Death
Set To Kill
Dreamsong Of The Divine
Of Time And Chronic Disease

Band Lineup:
Nathan Afilalo – Vocals, Guitar (rhythm)
Matteo Conti – Guitar (lead)
Oli Aveline – Bass
Anthony Pulcini – Drums
Andrew Proppe – Keyboards

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