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Blind Chaos

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On 30 December 2023
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Blind Chaos kick Christmas out in the snow with new EP, 'Heavy Metal Christmas'.

“Christmas time, mistletoe and ……………..”Bah Humbug” from Blind Chaos as they self release their Christmas Covers EP, “Heavy Metal Christmas”. It features members of I The Betrayer and follows the release of their cover of the Wham classic ‘Last Christmas’ on December 15th 2023. Blind Chaos are from Oslo, Norway. The duo of Chris Wiborg and Kyle Sevenoaks formed Blind Chaos when the two members wanted to branch out into different genres than their main band I The Betrayer who are currently in the studio working on their latest album, and are set to host their own livestream on January 27th, 2024.

This thrilling EP opens up with ‘Last Christmas (Wham cover)’, a death metal infused freak out, surprisingly delivered with a clean, not growled vocal. It really works well this way and some seriously raging riffing makes for an aural assault, not just to your hearing, but to your very core when a drum cavalcade arrives.

‘All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey cover)’ sees a throat rasping vocal give off devilish vibes from black hearted, suffocating grooves and a rib rattling drum salvo.

‘Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt cover)’ is all doom, doom and more doom as it sticks its claws into you and doesn’t let go until your allowed to take a well earned breath, after almost two minutes of rage that could raise the dead!

This yuletide yell ends with my favourite track ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Mariah Carey cover)’. A pounding drum assault roars and rages throughout, making it the heaviest track here, and the most hilarious, that prove the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum with a lung busting vocal.

Blind Chaos band information is here :- / /–EiMW6YYJJw

Blind Chaos band line up :-

Chris Wiborg.

Kyle Sevenoaks.

Blind Chaos kick Christmas out in the snow with new EP, 'Heavy Metal Christmas'.

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