Darkseed, ‘Astral Darkness Awaits’ Digital Only Release.

It’s hard to believe that counting the early Death Metal demo’s Darkseed have been around for 20 years, and what an eventful career it’s been with founding members leaving then rejoining only to leave again, the band even effectively disbanding for a short period around 2007. Thankfully they persevered with the dream and reformed to release 2010’s ’Poison Awaits’ on Massacre Records.
Even though it’s not been plain sailing for the band we arrive now in 2012 with the imminent digital only ’Best Of’ release, and what a superb collection of Gothic/Industrial Metal it is,14 tracks of absolute class to stick your headphones on, close your eyes and drift away to. I can honestly say that you won’t find a single weak track on this release, regardless of where in the bands history it’s taken from.
Tracks such as ’Sleep Sleep Sweetheart’ and ’Can’t Explain’ are as Gothic as Gothic can be, the latter being in my opinion one of the bands finest tracks. ’Black Throne’, ‘Ultimate Darkness’, the list goes on, a total joy to listen to from start to finish.
Hopefully this compilation will spur the current line up on to create another chapter in the bands history, as they are capable of producing some of the finest music available anywhere in this genre.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Incinerate.
2. Black Throne.
3. No Promise In The Heavens.
4. King In The Sun.
5. Disbeliever.
6. My Burden.
7. Ultimate Darkness.
8. Sleep Sleep Sweetheart.
9. Dying Land.
10. Flying Into The Night.
11. Can’t Explain.
12. Souls Unite.
13. The Demon Within.
14. Comptine d’un autre ete : L’apres midi.




Current Lineup;
Mike Schmutzer – Vocals.
Thomas Herrmann – Guitar, Recording, Production.
Tom Gilcher – Lead Guitar.
Armin Dorfler – Keyboards.
Maurizio Guolo – Drums.

Released on the 4th of May in digital format only via itunes, amazon, music load, etc.

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