Seven Deadly – The Allegience EP

Since the sad end of Panic Cell in 2011 it’s been quite amazing watching the phoenix like birth and growth of Seven Deadly online, driven in particular by Bobby T as he documented and entertained us with the creation of this new band with former Panic Cell members Harj Virdee and Rob Hicks besides frontman Archie Wilson and Dave Irving sharing guitar duties.  Following on from their video single release in January the lads will be releasing The Allegiance EP in May and it’s shaping up to be a grand introduction.

The EP consists of four tracks that are, in a word, relentless.  In fact, the only time you get to stop for breath is really towards the closing parts of “From This Darkness”.  I can’t help but find myself drawn to comparisons with the material Panic Cell produced and I suppose that’s no surprise given two-thirds of this band originated from there.  However, while I would say there was a rockier edge back then, there is definitely a ton more aggression, speed, power and energy apparent from this EP and more importantly a feeling that the guys are really getting a chance to break open the heavy.

If I had to pick out a favourite track of the four it would probably be Blood on Your Hands as it has such a fantastic driving, brutal feel to it coupled with some great melodies both on guitar and vocal throughout. I also have to compliment the guys on their musicianship as the EP sounds magnificent with great work across all instruments.  I do have to doff my cap in particular to Rob Hicks who shows what an absolute powerhouse on the kit he is and gives each of the songs a tremendous pounding rhythm that helps lift the tracks to another level.

In short Seven Deadly have produced an absolute belter of a debut EP that will have the heart pumping and the blood thumping in your ears.

Rating: 9/10

‘The Allegiance EP’ is due for release on 14th May and the band will be on tour at the following locations below to support it.

21st April – Gasworks Bradford
11th May – Bogiez Cardiff
12th May – Yardbirds Grimsby
22nd June – Scorpios High Wycombe
23rd June – Leos Gravesend
3rd August – Scruffy Murphys Birmingham

1. Allegiance
2. Blood on Your Hands
3. End of All
4. From This Darkness

Archie Wilson – Vocals
H Virdee – Guitar
Dave Irving – Guitars/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Bobby T – Bass
Rob Hicks – Drums

Rating: 9/10

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