DAMNATION ANGELS – Bringer Of Light.

Immensely powerful debut album from an exceptionally talented band.



At last! A U.K. based Symphonic Power Metal band to rival the European hierarchy. The band gave us an indication of what potential lay within with the release of  ‘Shadow Symphony’, an E.P. which saw release in 2009. This album though, takes the band on to a whole new different level, the addition of vocalist Per Fredrik ‘Pellek’ Asly has been a revelation, not only from the visual perspective but more importantly from the performance side of things. Pellek’s vocal delivery on this album is just masterful both, in the way he conveys the power and emotion of each track but also in the four octave range he achieves. The musical style is probably best described as a delightful mix between Nightwish and their grandiose orchestral pieces of recent years and a Kamelot of old. Combine those two with the very considerable talent and song writing ability that the band possess themselves and we end up with something pretty special.

‘Bringer Of Light’ is full to the brim with top drawer melody and guitar hooks to more than satisfy the cravings of the most discerning Symphonic Metal fan, with a hard edge of steel in the delivery that keeps the raw energy element alive and kicking.

Beginning with the atmospheric beauty of instrumental piece ’Ad Finem’ the album is quickly in top gear, moving into overdrive with the glorious ten minute epic ‘The Longest Day Of My Life’. The latter is spellbinding in its construction, weaving between fast paced Power Metal riffs and delicate, soul searching orchestral movements that capture the mood perfectly, the track constantly building to a stunning crescendo of film score proportions. I can’t pinpoint a weak track anywhere on the album, even the mid, inter connecting group of four tracks works superbly well, making for one gargantuan suite of music that offers so much variety and intensity that you have to pinch yourself to remember that this is a debut album.

Perhaps strangely, the band throw in a cover of Metallica’s ’No Leaf Clover’ but it is done so well that it fits like a glove in the grand scheme of things and remains in keeping with the album as a whole. Closing track ’Pride (The Warriors Way)’ is as perfect a way to finish the whole event as anything could be, full of Oriental musical overtones, you can’t help but be transported to foreign lands on a wave of rousing and uplifting music to witness battles from forgotten ages.
This really has been an immensely enjoyable and professional album to listen to, one, that if you’re a fan of Symphonic and Power Metal you’ll lap up.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;

1. Ad Finem.
2. The Longest Day Of My Life.
3. Reborn.
4. I Hope.
5. Pt 1 – Acerbus Inceptum.
6. Pt 2 – Someone Else.
7. Pt 3 – Bringer Of Light.
8. Pt 4 – Shadow Symphony.
9. No Leaf Clover.
10. Pride (The Warriors Way).Damnation_Angels_Band2

Damnation Angels are;

William Graney – Guitars, Orchestration and Backing Vocals.
Per Fredrik ’Pellek’ Asly – Vocals.
John Graney – Drums.
Stephen Averill – Bass.
Dawn Trigg – Piano.

Out now via Massacre Records.






[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNerE4k4htM&w=560&h=315]

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