Lets Play God – Survival Of The Twisted ep

coverThere must be something in the water in Glasgow judging by the recording of the Survival Of The Twisted ep by Lets Play God. 4 short, sharp pieces of feral metal are delivered with utter conviction. It will be released on March 14th 2013 and can be pre-ordered from LetsPlayGod.NET/Store. They will be undertaking a tour whereupon they will be giving a free digital version of the Survival Of The Twisted  ep at their gigs.

Formed in Glasgow in 2007 by vocalist Rob Grinch and drummer John Coll they changed their guitarist Gregg Clark in 2012 bringing in John Urquhart as his replacement and have gone from strength to strength and the band describe the new ep as some of the most venom fuelled songs they have written to date!

First song A Lesson In Indestructability literally careers out of the speakers with a manic opening before settling into a White Zombie groove bringing to mind their Electric Head number but the similarities end there as  Rob spews up his first pissed off rant. The song has some catchy but heavy abrasive riffs especially the killer one at 1 minute 30 seconds which gets right under the skin followed by a guitar solo as the song ends in a vocal roar. A tough song to follow but Black Skull stands toe to toe with it as the passionate political soundbite used at the beginning gives way to a Children Of The Grave type stomp with the guitar tone once again dominating the song over a Hetfield like vocal.

Isolation begins with a buzzing speed metal intro as yet another face melting churning riff comes to the fore. Midway the pace slows to a loping riff giving Rob space to sound even more angry. The song ends in single drumbeats after the opening riff returns. Final track When All Else Fails has a moody bass intro over sparse drums as spacey guitar lines precede another White Zombie type stomp over Rob’s strongest vocal so far.

So, a dizzying array of musical styles over 15 minutes, i wonder if a full length album will have the band ending up in straitjackets?

Lets Play God band line up :-

Rob Grinch – Vocals.

John Urquhart – Guitar.

Chris Clarke – Bass.

John Coll – Drums.


Survival Of The Twisted track listing :-

A Lesson In Indestructability.

Black Skull.


When All Else Fails.


I award the ep 9.5/10!

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