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DieHumane-The Grotesque-Album Review-Planetmosh

Rick Hunolt returns as he joins brand new band DieHumane, describing themselves as “Avant garde, blending elements of metal, industrial, jazz and blues”. It’s a far cry from when Rick was playing guitar for Exodus, my favourite thrash metal band ever but I’m really liking the path he’s taking with …

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The Damn Truth-Lonely-Single Review-Planetmosh

Welcome back to The Damn Truth as the Montreal based rockers return with their both feet kicking new single ‘Lonely’, released ahead of their headlining UK July 2023 tour. Three thrilling minutes from this slow burner threatens to ignite at any time but they keep us guessing throughout as grinding …

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Kaine-Extinction After-EP Review-Planetmosh

Kaine, the irrepressible band formed in Colchester 2009 forge on with their unrelenting five track EP Extinction After. Formed and fronted by Rage Sadler, the Bruce Banner of metal,”Don’t make him angry, you won’t like him when he’s angry!” Opening track ‘Evil I (All Hail The Evil One)’ is an …

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