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Vanitas-Grey Morality-Single Review-Planetmosh

Birmingham based noisemongers Vanitas smash into 2024 with brand new single ‘Grey Morality’, keeping the ball rolling since forming in 2022, hitting the ground for a hectic 2023. Their technical riffing and huge orchestral soundscapes morphed into what they call ‘cinematic djent’ genre and judging by its results, they’re already …

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Battles-Jack J Hutchinson-Album Review-Planetmosh

Welcome back London based Jack J Hutchinson, starting 2024 immensely with the release of his brand new studio album Battles, via Earache Digital Distribution on February 9th. Ten triumphant songs are on the musical menu, kicking off the album with ‘Constellations’, a hairy headbanger to open up with neck aching …

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Violet Redfern-In A Mess-Single Review-Planetmosh

Violet Redfern, a new performer to me, enthralls with her debut single ‘In A Mess’, recorded, mixed and produced by her father, rock slide guitarist Troy Redfern, recently released via RED7 Records. She started playing drums with Troy at only three years old, spent pre-teen years writing and recording her …

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Magnum-Here Comes The Rain-Album Review-Planetmosh

I had planned on reviewing the ‘Here Comes The Rain’ album before Christmas but unfortunately the Planetmosh website went down, returning at the end of January, so in a way it’s given me a chance to take in the loss of Tony Clarkin, guitarist, songwriter and producer of Magnum for …

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