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Cirith Ungol – Forever Black

Cirith Ungol

Cirith Ungol – Forever Black Cirith Ungol define the meaning of being a cult band. Formed in 1971 in Ventura, California, their four studio albums they ground out before splitting in 1992 were heavy doom laden monsters. After a long hiatus they reformed in 2016 and fast forward to the …

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Leatherjacks – Extremely Dangerous


Leatherjacks – Extremely Dangerous Leatherjacks, a new band to me but what a band, albeit a one man band founded in 2015 in Sao Paulo by Mauro Cordeiro. So he could be Brazil’s answer to Tom Scholz!  New album Extremely Dangerous is the follow up to the 2017 debut release …

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Kaine – Reforge The Steel


Kaine – Reforge The Steel Notwithstanding founder member Rage Sadler of Kaine, this is a completely new line up to me and after one listen to current album Reforge The Steel, it sums up their current position perfectly! Since their formation in 2009 there has always been a sheer bloody …

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Black Roze – Spiritual Hell

Black Roze

Black Roze – Spiritual Hell This is a cocksure debut album to say the least from Kent based Black Roze as  Spiritual Hell swaggers not staggers! They open up with the throbbing bass guitar heavy ‘Obscenity’ that adds funk to militaristic snare drums, wiry guitar lines and a piercing solo …

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Devils Henchmen – Built By Hate (EP)

Devils Henchmen

Devils Henchmen – Built By Hate (EP) Before I had even heard anything by Liverpool based trio the Devils Henchmen, I saw them play at a festival in Wakefield and talking to them after their set I was astonished by their playing and songwriting at the age of 14. Fast …

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Nightwish – Human :II: Nature

I’ve always felt there is something Tolkienesque about Nightwish. With their blend of operatic, folk, power and Celtic metal. The vocals from Floor Jansen are as close to an angelic angel as can exist in this mortal realm. That is not to say her style is always heavenly, more a …

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Bad Touch – I Get High (single)

Bad Touch

Bad Touch – I Get High (single) Welcome back Bad Touch and what a return with a new single called ‘I Get High‘ taken from the forthcoming album Kiss The Sky. They tap into a winning formula of feisty funk-rock as tight but loose riffs writhe like snakes over a …

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Dynazty – The Dark Delight


Dynazty – The Dark Delight Dynazty, a new band to me (even though they formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008). I first thought they would be another dodgy 80’s glam rock band who spelt their name wrong to get attention but I could not be any further from the truth …

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Me and that man – New man new songs same shit

In 2017 Behemoth Frontman, Nergal aka Adam Darski, released an album (Songs of Love and Death) that was a world away from the music he’s made for years with Behemoth. Released under the name “Me and that man”, the album recorded with John Porter was a superb piece of work …

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Deified – Anthrobscene

Something wicked this way comes courtesy of death metallers Deified with their raucous new mini album release Anthrobscene due out on May 29th, 2020. The ferocious five have certainly channeled a lot of hate here as a pounding call to arms instrumental ‘Prelude’ sets the scene for the apocalyptic churn …

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Skyryder – Vol. 2


Skyryder – Vol. 2   It’s been two long years since Newcastle Upon Tyne based nutters Skyryder battered us with Vol. 1, so we can now rejoice in the arrival of, erm, Vol. 2! Recently released on High Roller Records, if you like your metal hard and heavy then this …

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Underking – Ghosts Of The Past

 Ghosts Of The Past, one of two debut albums released on April 3rd 2020 by Underking is a much different animal to its twin, the full on metal mayhem of Amongst The Dead.  A change of personnel sees Maxwell Jeffries not just play all the music, he also takes on …

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Deus Mori – Umbra Mortis

Manchester based Deus Mori are another new band to me, recommended by my brother Lee Beardall from Hardcore punk outfit Eye Licker,  and I thank him for this brilliant recommendation. Only two years old are Deus Mori, but there is no sign of a lack of experience within this EP …

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Shrapnel – Palace For The Insane

2020 is already looking a healthy year for thrash metal and Norwich based Shrapnel are adding a lot more muscle to it with their latest studio album Palace For The Insane. Due for release on May 15th via Candlelight Records it’s dizbusting dozen songs decimate from the off with the …

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Underking – Amongst The Dead

Now this takes some balls! When you form a band in November 2019 with two members. One on vocals, the other doing all of the instrumentation and you release two debut albums on the same day, April 3rd 2020. This is a review of one of them Amongst The Dead, …

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Thrashera – Nao Gosto!

Brazilian rumblers Thrashera release this their third full length studio album, ‘Nao Gosto! ‘ Formed in 2010, the band have oodles of releases to their name since they began, which surprises me that this is only their third studio album release in those ten years. It starts off well enough. …

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Viscula – Just Go (single)


Viscula – Just Go (single) Viscula, a band I came across by chance, checked out their single ‘Just Go’ on Youtube and thankfully I did as it’s a very rewarding listen, a far cry from the rock/metal bands I normally review but it’s always good to check out new genres. …

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