Aesthetic Perfection & Faderhead – The Classic Grand, Glasgow – 16/02/14

.@daniel_graves @faderhead and @Terrolokaust show in Glasgow review by @AnybodyBC for @PlanetMosh

Aesthetic Perfection and Faderhead made another great electro evening for Glaswegians on 16th of February and they brought Spanish team Terrolokaust with them to make it even more groovy.

Terrolokaust by Jurga Kalinauskaite.
Terrolokaust by Jurga Kalinauskaite.

Everything started at 7:30 pm when Terrolokaust took to the stage. During the 30 minutes of their show, the guys from Barcelona totally rocked out from the very first song. It only was the second time for them in Glasgow but it seemed that the crowd, although quite small, gave the band warm welcome. With the last song, which was the Korn cover “Falling Away From Me” the band finished their set and left stage and warmed up fans for the next band – Faderhead.

15 minutes break with the time counter on the screen and Faderhead stormed into the stage. Together with them laughter, good mood, intense beats and vodka came to the club as well. Faderhead is electronic music producer from Hamburg, Germany, mostly known for his EBM and synthpop sets. He brought two keyboardists as well, so them team of three was just perfect for The Classic Grand club stage. Guys seemed to be in very good mood and jokes were quite often to hear, as for example, one about Scottish accents or of  a funny-personal experience which gave the basis for “Swedish Models And Cocaine”. During the 45 minutes set guys managed to play 12 groovy tracks and get people out of their minds while dancing and singing together with Faderhead.

Faderhead by Jurga Kalinauskaite.
Faderhead by Jurga Kalinauskaite.

Faderhead setlist:
1. Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois
2. Join Us
3. Electrosluts Extraordinaire
4. Stand Up
5. When The Freaks Come Out
6. Dancers
7. Swedish Models And Cocaine
8. Fistful Of Fuck You
9. Champagne & Real Pain
10. Take Your Fuckin’ Meds
11. Destroy Improve Rebuild
12. TZDV

Faderhead was the most active and groovy band on the stage that night, so American band Aesthetic Perfection was something a little more sensitive, melodic and sweeter. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t crazy enough – try to imagine crazy keyboardist jumping on and of his equipment, dancing with it as it would be part of his own body, while front-man Daniel Graves is loosing his mind in melody and his lyrics. The trio gave Glasgow great electro show with loads off new songs from their newest album “’Til Death” as well as some older tracks. The encore consisted of two songs from the “A Violent Revolution” (2008) album.

Aesthetic Perfection by Jurga Kalinauskaite.
Aesthetic Perfection by Jurga Kalinauskaite.

The idea to combine all these acts for the tour was brilliant and The Classic Grand visitors that night was able to feel that for themselves. That was a killer electro night!

Aesthetic Perfection setlist:

1. Happily Ever After
2. Inhuman
3. Antibody
4. The Siren
5. The Ones
6. Big Bad Wolf
7. Lights Out (Ready To Go)
8. The New Black
9. The Dark Half
10. The Great Depression


11. Schadenfreude
12. Spit It Out

All photos are made by Jurga Kalinauskaite.


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