Glitterhouse Records Stream Rare Live Track by Punk Rock Legends THE BATES!

Glitterhouse Records Stream Rare Live Track by Punk Rock Legends THE BATES!



‘Unfucked – Live’ Album Coming this December!



For over a decade, The Bates were Germany’s most successful Punkband besides Die Toten Hosen. They toured all over Europe and Japan with acts such as The Toydolls, sold more than one million records and stormed the charts but paid tribute to fame and Rock’n’Roll, culminating in the death of singer/bassist Zimbl at the age of 41 because of drugs and alcohol abuse.

But it all started in the mid-80ies in Eschwege, Germany. Four boys and their love for Punkrock accompanied by talent and diligence. Soon after they found their charistmatic frontman Zimbl, The Bates started touring locally, and playing youth centres and smaller clubs. It wouldn’t take long until they reached out for the rest of the country, signed their first major contract with Virgin (who also released “Never Mind The Bollocks “) and became a huge success. Beside the sell-out critics, appearances on MTV or Bravo cover stories, to the probably ultimate Michael Jackson cover version of ‘Billie Jean’, The Bates always were a band that stayed real, and especially live they were a true experience.

One of their legacy and proof to this is a stunning live album entitled ‘Unfucked’, which was recorded at the Outpost Club in Göttingen, Germany in 1992. This live album from 1992 shows them at the height of their powers: Raw, wild, a class of their own!

‘Unfucked – Live’ was originally released by Snoop Records in 1993. It was the band’s last album before they signed with Virgin. Surprisingly it never got re-released, what Glitterhouse Records will finally change by the end of this year! Limited to 500 copies on red Vinyl, and available on digital platforms for the first time ever, ‘Unfucked – Live’ was re-mastered by Master & Servant and will be seeing the light of day on December 4th via Glitterhouse. It will be the first Bates album available on Vinyl since 1992. Listen to the just released single, the iconic track ‘The Lips of Jayne Mansfield’ live HERE!

The limited Vinyl pre-sale for this must-have live album by one of Germany’s most distinctive punkrock bands, is available at THIS LOCATION!



‘Unfucked – Live’ Tracklist:

01. Einführung
02. Good Friends
03. No More
04. Beautiful Noise
05. Who’s That Girl
06. Questionmark
07. It’s My Party
08. Der Einsame
09. I Want You Back Again
10. Kill That Girl
11. Yesterday
12. Runaway
13. Stuff
14. Song For Michael
15. Eagle Man
16. Witches
17. I Don’t Care
18. Bring It On Home To Me
19. The Lips Of Jayne Mansfield
20. Paul Ist Tot

The story of The Bates continues until 2001. After years of drugs and alcohol abuse of singer Zimbl, the band took a break from which they never returned. Zimbl (Markus Zimmer) died in 2006. He only got 41 years old. Armin (Beck) works as a minister, Klube (Frank Klubescheid) is a social worker specialized in helping disabled persons live rich and fulfilling lives, Reb (Michael Rebbig) is a teacher and Pogo (Thomas Möller) works – since he left The Bates in 1998 – for Hamburg based soccer club FC St.Pauli.



The Bates Unfucked – Live Line-Up:
Zimbl – Bass, Vocals
Klube – Drums
Reb – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Pogo – Guitar


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