Hell Fury

WOLFHEART Frontman Joins Forces With Ukrainian Pack WOLFANGER And Releases New Single! 

Wolfheart leader Tuomas Saukkonen teamed up with Petro Solovey, the frontman of the Ukrainian melodic death metal band Wolfanger, to release the single "Glory to the Heroes". With Petro on vocal and lyric duties and Tuomas providing the music, all royalties of the track will be donated to www.comebackalive.in.ua and the label Stay Heavy Records has agreed to donate 1000€ of royalties upfront as help for Ukraine is needed as soon as possible!

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Powerhouse rockers Fozzy have announced their new album BOOMBOX is out on April 15th. The album, which includes the top 10 singles, “Nowhere to Run" and “Sane”, was once again produced by Johnny Andrews. Stay tuned for more info on the band’s forthcoming release and 3rd radio single (due out early next year) by following Fozzy on socials.

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Nephila shares music video for ”Clavata”

Progressive and psychedelic dreams combined with heavy blues rock, and theatrical expressionism. The 7-headed rock orchestra Nephila brings out the best of 60‘s and 70's experimental rock while adding a touch of mysticism and visual storytelling. The band travels through history, dimension and stories. The orchestra opens up new realities with dynamic songs, progressive melodies and dual fantastic vocals. Join the theater and follow Nephila on their travels in known, and unknown, realities.  

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