BEDLESS BONES: ‘Solar Animus’ | video for song from ‘Mire Of Mercury’

Bedless Bones is Kadri Sammel, a singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and interdisciplinary artist from Tallinn, Estonia. As Bedless Bones, Sammel presents what she describes as ‘incantations of nocturnal rapture’, building bridges and bending borders in her experiments with electro-noir sub-genres such as darkwave and EBM and marrying them with techno beats, industrial sounds and otherworldly atmospherics.

‘Mire Of Mercury’ is the third album by Bedless Bones and was released on Metropolis Records in early November. A Kenneth Anger-style video for a song from it entitled ‘Solar Animus’ has been made available today and can be seen below:

“The video is directed and edited by me and filmed by [Bedless Bones drummer] Anders Melts,” explains Sammel. The song is inspired by the contrasexual archetype in the unconscious. The predominance of the shadow extends to a possession, a chronic eclipse of the sun. Animus in anima. So she has to transform her Eros.”

As Bedless Bones, Sammel has performed at festivals that include Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Germany), Cold Hearted Festival (Germany), Castle Party (Poland), Kalabalik på Tyrolen (Sweden) and Tallinn Music Week. She has shared stages with acts as varied as She Past Away, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, New Model Army and Sex Gang Children.

1  Dead Woman
2  Litha
3  Uncomfortable
4  Thunder
5  Homeostasis
6  Quick, silver
7  Map To The Stars
8  Blood Citadel
9  Solar Animus
10  Tongue And Rhythm
11  Tantalus

BEDLESS BONES | Kadri Sammel 2023 photo

Sammel’s influences are vast and varied. She has spent a decade singing in choirs and has studied cultural theory, audiovisual media and photography.  She is a member of Estonian avant-garde deathbeat/outdustrial outfit Forgotten Sunrise and the singer in the UK/Estonian dystopian industrial band Deathsomnia. Additionally, under the alias DJ Dirt Vessel, she has been a crucial part of Beats From The Vault, an underground event series in Estonia that has been in existence since 1998. Her captivating and transcendental live sets see her performing dark industrial techno, EBM, darkwave and post-punk.

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