MAVIS to release their debut album ‘Grief is no Ally’ on 15th December via Arising Empire

Featuring vocalist Phil Donay, guitarist Manu Weller, bass player Mo Amrein, and drummer Jakob Schulz-Klein, MAVIS stunned the music world with their first singles, ‘Tortured Land’, and ‘Furry Tongue’. Harmonious chaos, elegantly flitting between time signatures while maintaining a fluid, danceable rhythm – modern metalcore at its finest.
Forming in Stuttgart in 2019, the members of MAVIS put their energy into brutal, powerful songs that spread over their audience like a wave. A blend of emotionally charged singalongs, dramatic synth inserts and breakneck breakdowns leave no foot firmly on the ground, especially live.
Audiences are led on an auditory journey, meandering through exquisite melodies and clean vocals before being plunged into the intense, arresting breakdown riffs, a testament to MAVIS’s skillful songwriting and performance prowess. MAVIS reaffirm that they’re not just musicians – they’re storytellers, blurring the boundaries between genres and artistic mediums.
In the brief period before the Covid break of 2020, the few concerts MAVIS played confirmed they were onto something. 300-capacity rooms were quickly packed, the merch stand quickly emptied, and national tours planned. 
Now, post-Covid, MAVIS have signed with Arising Empire to release their debut full-length – ready to take over the world.

1 Insight
2 Calypso
3 Tortured Land
4 Hollow Eyes
5 Furry Tongue
 6 Monsters
7 Reflections
8 Limerent
10 Closer to the Sun
11 Marcescence

Phil Donay | vocals
 Manu Weller | guitar
 Mo Amrein | guitar
 Jakob Schulz-Klein | drums

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