LAST IN TIME Serenade You With New Single “Moonlight Dreamers” 

Set to release their debut album “Too Late” on Rockshots Records this coming January 2024,Italy’s Last In Time will be inviting fans to experience a journey through various musical influences. It’s a rock album that combines the melody of AOR, the power of hard rock and metal, with a nod to 90s progressive rock. From the first track to the last, every song exudes energy and emotions, making it impossible to stand still in front of the speakers. The roaring guitars, powerful rhythm section, and charismatic vocals of the frontmen give each track an unmistakable authenticity and intensity. The musical diversions and sonic settings showcase a band that is not afraid to push beyond its limits and explore new sounds, without ever losing the essence of their vibrant rock.

“‘The Way To Rock’ is a celebration of life, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old who feels in music the energy to face the adversities of everyday life. The possibility of fighting sadness with something positive, choosing in rock not only a musical genre but a lifestyle.” adds the band.

Today, the band presents their second single “Moonlight Dreamers” featuring guest vocals from Caterina Minguzzi. The song is about two people who meet in a bar. Lost in their thoughts, they get to know each other. They spend the night together, and in the end, when they wake up, they wonder if something more than a mere flirtation will develop.

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Last in Time is a project that was formed in 2021 as a studio band, intending to record original songs in the melodic and classic rock/AOR genre. Leading the project is Massimo Marchetti, the songwriter, producer, and arranger of the group’s songs.

The project has a diverse lineup (listed below), as it was managed as an All-star band, to ensure that each song had the right artistic touch. The ability to have multiple voices, including a female voice, greatly expanded the compositional proposal of the songs, allowing for a range of genres and nuances.

However, the group’s sound, while diverse, remains anchored to a common thread, which is a passion for classic rock in its various forms. The presence of experienced and motivated musicians made the album recording process a wonderful journey, which will continue with live sessions and the start of a true project focused on recording more albums in the future.

Recommended for fans of Toto, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Symphony X, Trans Siberian Orchestra, and Savatage, Last In Time‘s debut album “Too Late” will be released on January 12, 2024.

Previous single – “The Way To Rock” –

Track Listing: 
1. The Way To Rock
2. How Long?
3. Road To Redemption
4. Believer In Love
5. Moonlight Dreamers
6. The Animal
7. Too Late
8. Mr.Fantastic
9. Winter In May

Album Credits:
– All songs and lyrics are written, arranged and produced by Massimo Marchetti
– Mixed by Mike Suzzi.
– Drums recorded at Pri Studio.
– Vocals and Guitars recorded by Massimo Marchetti with Execptions of:
– Acoustic Guitars, recorded by Mike Suzzi;
– Vocals on “The Way”, “How Long” & “Believer”, recorded by Mike Suzzi;
– Vocals on “The Animal”, Mr. Fantastic”, recorded by Andrea Lo Verde @ALV STUDIO;
– Vocals on “Winter in May “, recorded by Michele Luppi.
– Mastered by Giovanni Versari – La Maestà Mastering
– Cover Artist: Aberto Zimino

Last In Time are:
Massimo Marchetti: Guitars and Choirs (All)
Igor Piattesi: Vox and Choirs (1,2,4,6,7,8,9)
Caterina Minguzzi: Vox and Choirs (1,2,4,5)
Mirko Marchetti: Vox and Choirs (Song Nr. 9)
Luca Nicolasi: Bass Guitar (All)
Giacomo Calabria: Drums (All)
Alessio Mosconi: Keyboards (1,2,4,5)
Emanuele Lo Verde: Keyboards (6,7,9)
Andrea Lo Verde: Keyboards (8)
Special guest, Samuele Benini: Piano solo (5)

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