Raimund Burke – Get It 2.0

German guitarist Raimund Burke‘s latest full-length effort, Get It 2.0, mixes a keyboard-rich AOR type feel with progressive instrumental rock.

The lead guitar parts do seem lyrical in spots, but the album doesn’t seem to jump magically from ‘instrumental rock’ to ‘rock and roll that just happens to be without vocals’.

There’s plenty of blazing speed and flash (“Sunny Day”, “The Typewriter” – complete with typewriter bass drum tones!), and plenty of spots where he slows down and gives ‘big air’ time to notes (“Dedicated To…”, “Break Through”).

Soulful, drawn-out notes intermingle with speedy passages, enough that ‘covering’ the album is sure to be a chops-buster for many.

Interestingly, Burke is the only musician credited on record. Released ‘digitally only’ with a physical CD being produced only on-demand, the disc is well-produced; well-balanced, crisp, and very listenable.

Recommended for fans of prog, instrumental rock, and ‘upper crust’ shred, of course.



Track listing:
Come On
Sunny Day
Dedicated To…?
Break Through
Get It
Music Speaks My Mind
Friday Night
The Day Before
It Happened Tomorrow
The Typewriter

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