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On 24 April 2018
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Incredibly powerful album, Doom with a difference

Witch Mountain return from a three year break with their spellbinding new album ‘Witch Mountain’

The band not only return with new material but also with fresh blood amongst the ranks in the form of vocalist Kayla Dixon and bass player Justin Brown, a decision that has certainly given an injection of energy to this album, although both have been part of the live shows for some time now

Despite hosting a mere five tracks, this album certainly packs an almighty punch, with the overall running time flying past the 30 minute mark with ease. Opening track ‘Midnight’ crashes in with an intense rib rattling riff that hooks you in straight away. Without doubt standing on the Doom side of the fence but still managing to create such a depth of soul as well. As for the vocal, well wow, just wow! Not only does Kayla Dixon’s voice possess an incredible ability to switch from a bluesey, melancholic slant to a full frontal assault in an instant but she makes it seem so natural and fluid, a talent that must be quite unique. ‘Mechanical World’ comes across as a more grittier affair with its stop start riff and great mid solo, again the vocal bringing a tangible taste of raw emotion to the track. ‘Burn You Down’ throws one of the chunkiest riffs you will hear this year out of your speakers, the vocal this time relatively restrained for the most, until the pre determined point of course when Kayla screams her heart out as if her life depended on it. ‘Hellfire’, by far the shortest track on the album is no less engaging, and if anything, showcases the vocal talents best of all. Full of soul and emotion, and conveying a depth that few can match. Finally, the leviathan that is ‘Nighthawk’ brings the album to a close, 14 minutes of thundering Doom that shudders through your frame, the whole band absolutely on top of their game

Doom as a sub genre has become a rather saturated sponge in recent times, although it must be said, most of it pretty good. Witch Mountain however, take things up a notch with this album, combining Blues with Metal, Doom and lots more, to make this a refreshing and different release that certainly lodges in the memory. Well worth checking out indeed

Recommended Track – Burn You Down

Track Listing;


Mechanical World

Burn You Down




Witch Mountain Line Up;

Rob Wong – Guitar

Nate Carson – Drums

Kayla Dixon – Vocals

Justin Brown – Bass


Witch Mountain is released on the 25th of May via Svart Records





Incredibly powerful album, Doom with a difference

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