Warrior Soul at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow 23/9/11

Having seen Warrior Soul back in March at Ivory Blacks, I was delighted to hear that they were returning to Glasgow so soon with the Rubicon Tour. The set list was to be a mixture of favourites and rarities from all their albums.

I only managed to catch the last 2 songs by Debrasco, the guys were sounding great think rocky, grungy, punk style songs with catchy foot tapping rhythms and riffs. It was a good start to the night. However after the guys left the stage there was a full drum kit change that took a while to complete.

Fortune Of Sorrows I only seen the first 2 songs of their set however they seemed a bit flat after Debrasco, they had some fans down the front having a great time.

Cheerleaders were up next, I missed some of their set as I was interviewing however even downstairs they sounded great. They played a solid and tight set and from the feedback I got from folk that had seen them said they were great.

Warrior Soul The set was started off with some of Kory’s spoken word poetry as intro and then the guys same up on stage and started ‘Superpower Dreamland’ from the album ‘Last Decade Dead Century’ while we wait for Kory to take the stage, which he did with his usual panache.

They launch into the frantic ‘Fuck The Pigs’ and then ‘Fourth Reich’ with the crowd singing and jumping, fist raised in the air and head banging along. This is continued on throughout the full set, especially during ‘No, No, No’ and ‘Love Destruction’

Kory and the guys seem in a very upbeat mood tonight. Kory pulling some great rock poses along with jumping and dancing around the stage. Basically doing what he does best and that is being a rock and roll frontman.

The first half finishes up on ‘The Party’ before the band heads off stage to chants of Warrior Soul, for a quick breather and are welcomed back on to roars and cheers from the crowd. A few people had to leave as they needed to head off for the last trains home etc.

‘Intro & Interzone’ started off the 6 song encore, quickly followed with ‘Hero’ and ‘The Drug’ next up was the glorious ‘She’s Glaswegian’ which everyone had been shouting for, well it would be rude not to play it when in Glasgow ;)

The final 2 songs ‘Downtown’ and ‘The Wasteland’ went down a treat with the fans and the guys finished off the set in true style.

Only let down was the sound wasn’t as good as it was back in March

Warrior Soul Set List

Superpower Dreamland

Fuck The Pigs

The Fourth Reich

No, No, No

Rotten Soul

Song In Your Mind

Shock Um Down

Love Destruction

Blown Away

Shine Like It

The Party

Intro & Interzone


The Drug

She’s Glaswegian


The Wasteland


My interview with Kory Clarke at Ivory Blacks






Fortune of Sorrows






Warrior Soul




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