Slash UK,Brooker’s bar,Chester,24/9/2011

Before the review,a quick word about tribute bands.Love em or hate em you have to admire their dedication.Personally i love em as i appreciate that its done for the love of the music.Most tribute bands have full time jobs so only really get to play their gigs at weekends and travel up and down the country to do so.Also,with tribute bands,they have taken their time to learn their chosen bands material to a very high standard.I regard myself as a bit of a music anorak and have never seen a bad tribute band gig.Take it for what it is,a tribute,whether they wear wigs or not to look like the band member they are emulating,they are committed to producing the music.
So,the band in question here that i saw last night was Slash UK who play material from Guns And Roses,Velvet Revolver,Slash’s Snakepit and Slash’s solo album from last year.The band are very very tight but special mention is made to the vocalist Martin Colley who covers all eras with ease.He does sound like Axl Rose and Myles Kennedy when called to but puts his own personality on the songs.This was Slash UK’s 1st gig in Brooker’s bar in Chester so the mostly local crowd were a bit subdued to begin with but as the set wore on and classic after classic was played,the dance floor got very lively and,to the surprise of the band,mosh pits opened up for Paradise City and My Michelle.My personal highlight of the set was Fall To Pieces.

Set list:-
Been There Lately
Sucker Train Blues
Back From Cali
Mean Bone
Fall To Pieces
Just Like Anything
Civil War
Dirty Little Thing
Guitar solo/Godfather theme
Sweet Child Of Mine
Welcome To The Jungle
Speed Parade
We’re All Gonna Die
Beggars And Hangers On
Rocket Queen
Paradise City
My Michelle
Not bad for an entrance fee of £3 eh?Great band and a killer setlist.Slash UK consist of:-
Martin Colley-vocals
Padraig Tansey-drums
John Sumbler-lead guitar
Anthony Dermody-bass guitar
Rod Gordon-rhythm guitar

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