Excellent E.P. from Yorkshire’s bright young stars.

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Formed in the deep dark wilderness of Yorkshire, Waking Theo have just released this highly impressive three track E.P. With a full length album proposed for later this year, this could be seen as an appetite whetting for what is to come.

First impressions for me were how well balanced these songs are, a real tightrope walk between all out Metalcore and Melodic Metal, which works rather well actually, giving you plenty of both elements to drool over.

First up, ’To The Lions’, is a real corker, brimming with killer riffage and guided expertly by the uncompromising vocals of Craig Gordon, it sends a real statement of intent out to all concerned. Inevitable comparisons with bands like August Burns Red amongst others are justified but equally unfair, because here is a band that are genuinely striving to make it on their own terms and with their own sound.
Second track ’Downcast’ has a quite melodic intro before pumelling the senses with some major Death Metal riffs, courtesy of Ben Wright and Chris Town, that had me hooked from the start. Again the vocal element is focal but never overpowering, making for a really well rounded track.
The closing track, ’Reborn’, to me, is the best of a good bunch. Thunderous drums from Chris Vinter, driving things along at breakneck speed, with the bass lines of Chris Giles being nothing short of mesmerising.

If these three tracks are an accurate indication of what’s to come from Waking Theo, then the Metal world may just be about to discover something rather special. Highly recommended.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;Waking Theo Promo shot2

1. To The Lions.
2. Downcast.
3. Reborn.

Waking Theo are;

Craig Gordon – Vocals.
Ben Wright – Lead Guitar.
Chris Town – Rhythm Guitar.
Chris Giles – Bass.
Chris Vinter – Drums.

Out now through all digital outlets.



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWVfT4NVh0Q&w=560&h=315]


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