ILLNATH – 4 Shades Of Me.

Uncompromising display of bludgeoning Death Metal from Danish female fronted Metalers.



Danish Female Fronted Metalheads Illnath return with their fourth full length album ‘4 Shades Of Me’, and what a resounding success it has turned out to be.

Now, we all know that the tag ‘Female Fronted’ gets thrown about a heck of a lot these days, a description that covers an ever growing number of bands from an ever growing number of genres. Illnath are about as far removed from the Tarja, Sharon and Amy end of the spectrum as is humanly possible, nestling very nicely in the corner along with Arch Enemy, Izegrim and D.A.M.N. amongst others, a corner I’m quite drawn to myself actually.

The initial feeling I got from the first couple of listens of this album was the feeling of sheer power, a momentous wave of bludgeoning riffs, thunderous drumming and simply amazing vocals. Mona Beck delivers an absolutely faultless performance of Death Metal growling and guttural utterances that whilst totally addictive, will burrow deep within your twisted soul to deliver punch after killer punch. Tracks such as ‘No Salvation’ and ’Unleashed’ for example ( to be honest, I could name any of the tracks) are unrelenting and incessant in their quest to bring the listener to their knees and reduce you to a quivering heap.

Before we get too carried away though, I must say that this album in no way rests solely on Mona’s undeniable talent, the musical aptitude on show here is jaw dropping, Pete Falk comes up with some of the finest riffs this genre will see anywhere, whilst Kenneth Frandsen (Bass) and Dennis Stockmarr (Drums) drive the whole album along at a perfect maniacal pace. ’Captain Of The Seven Seas’ is a wonderful example of what the band can offer, a track that would make a killer live anthem, full of rousing lyrics and dandruff releasing riffs.

If your familiar with the bands previous offerings then I guess you will see immediately how much they have honed and developed musically, becoming a devilish band destined for great things. If you’ve not had the opportunity to check the band out prior to this release then you are in for a treat. Don’t, however expect ballads or passages of lovey dovey nonsense on this record, this is, first and foremost a Heavy Metal album, designed for one purpose only, to Rock your socks off, and to that end it certainly ticks all the right boxes.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;LOGO

1. Blood Warrior.
2. Gallow Hill.
3. King Of Your Mind.
4. Pieces.
5. No Salvation.
6. Captain Of The Seven Seas.
7. Unleashed.
8. Shade Of Me.
9. Not My God.
10. It’s On Me.
11. Angelic Voices Calling (2012).

Illnath are;photo_low

Mona Beck – Vocals.
Pete Falk – Guitars.
Kenneth Frandsen – Bass.
Dennis Stockmarr – Drums.

‘4 Shades Of Me’ is scheduled for release on the 12th of March through Pitch Black Records.






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