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On 11 June 2018
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Amazing full length debut from an exceptional and talented band

MIST at last release their Doom filled debut ‘Free Me Of The Sun’, following on from the well received E.P.’s that caught the attention of many a pair of ears

Having already played such hallowed events as Bloodstock, Metal Days, Doom Over Malta and others, there can be no question that this album has been eagerly anticipated for some time now, thankfully it does not disappoint

I’ve always admired the female vocal in the Doom genre, to me it has such a depth of range that adds so much to the atmosphere without compromising on power, and on ’Free Me Of The Sun’, Nina Spruk takes things to a celestial level. Listening to the track ’December’ for example, you get totally blown away by the variety and different elements involved. Musically, the band plant their feet firmly in the Sabbath, Candlemass camp but still manage to carve out enough twists and turns to keep things fresh and current whilst maintaining that all important raw and earthy vibe. ’Disembody Me’ is a good example of how the band operate, an almost funereal paced riff drags you along and over to the dark side, with some quality guitar work to boot, a highly polished gem

If you are already immersed in the Doom genre, then this will satisfy your lusts and addictions with plenty left over. However, if you are new to the whole Doom scenario then MIST have just provided you with the ideal taster menu. Tracks like ’Demonized’ will shake you up, whilst ’Free Me Of The Sun’ will carry you through dreamy Lunar landscapes and hook your soul. An amazing debut album from an amazing band

Recommended Track – Disembody Me

Track Listing ;
1. The Ghoul (5:50)
2. Ora Pro Nobis (3:58)
3. White Torch (4:50)
4. December (4:51)
5. Altar Of You (4:43)
6. Disembody Me (4:48)
7. The Offering (3:53)
8. Demonized (4:36)
9. Delirium (5:13)
10. Free Me Of The Sun (5:34)

Band Line Up ;
Lead vocals : Nina Spruk
Rhythm guitar & backing vocals: Ema Babošek
Lead guitar : Blaž Tanšek
Bass : Neža Pečan
Drums : Mihaela Žitko

The album is out now via Soulseller Records




Amazing full length debut from an exceptional and talented band

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