Vaudeville – Vendetta

vaudeville - vendettaMinneapolis based Vaudeville are an alternative rock band who aim to combine the energy of raw rock and roll with the tightness and diversity of electronic music.  “Vendetta” is the abnd’s second album.

With an introduction like that you’re probably expecting rock with some fairly prominent electronic sounds.  Well sorry to disappoint you but that isnt what you’ll get here.  What you get is rock – plain and simple.  There are countless numbers of rock bands who make far more prominent use of keyboards than Vaudeville.  Yes Vaudeville use keyboards, and yes the keyboards are well used, but  but it’s not that prominent and doesn’t do anything groundbreaking as you might have expected from their bio.

“Treason” is the only song where the keyboards/electronics are very prominent.  It starts with more of a dance/pop feel to it – the drums sound like a drum machine rather than normal drum kit and the keyboards are very prominent.  After a minute and a half the guitars kick in, but they aren’t the dominant sound on this song.  It’s a good song but it does feel out of place on the album as the token electronic sounding song while the rest is guitar driven rock.

Despite the misleading bio claim from the band this is just another rock album with some keyboards.  That’s not a criticism though – once you accept it’s a normal rock album then you can focus on enjoying it – it’s actually a very good album that is definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 7.5/10

Vaudeville are:

Chris G – Vocals & Keys
Chris S – Guitar & Vocals
AJ Sugar – Guitar
Timmy Kosel – Bass
John Olson – Drums

Track listing:

1. Tainted passerby
2. Vendetta
3. Treason
4. Hideaway
5. Restless souls
6. Into the mouth of madness
7. Attack
8. V
9. The messenger
10. Bitter prophecy
11. White light

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